Blast from the Past: Kara

Photographing Kara was a huge step for me. I had just started dabbling in family and child photography earlier in 2012, yet I knew my ultimate goal was magazine-style portraiture. However, I was shy and I had no idea how to direct clients. At all. My process was basic: I picked the place and helped choose an outfit, but when it came to actually photographing someone, I could not direct beyond some basic suggestions ("stand over here and look this way").

Kara is obviously beautiful and actually has great natural movement, which was the only reason I could get some nice shots of her back then. She was such a good sport, too! We drove to a battlefield near Fredericksburg, VA and parked near a field. In retrospect, I did a terrible job using all the great colors and spaces that were available nearby - but, again, live and learn. What I did learn that day was that trying new things is important in life and that fear is a terrible reason not to follow your dreams. Since then, I have photographed many women and my ability to direct them has gotten much better but had I not taken the first step that day, I would probably still be just as non-assertive as I was back then.