Magazine-Style Portrait Session: Casey

The goal of getting your portrait taken is to virtually freeze a moment in time. As poetic as that sounds, many times photographs do not just freeze the moment, they also preserve the era in which it happened for eternity. Your Grandmother's 1940's portrait has a certain style - as does your high school yearbook photo (mine features two braids, awful bangs, and a plastic choker necklace; can you picture it?) 

The idea behind the type of portraiture I create is to stick to the timeless basics: beautiful hair and makeup, simple outfits, clean editing style. I want your light to shine through, unobstructed. I want your kids and grandkids to have a beautiful portrait of you that shows your beauty and your personality without showing the signs of the time period in which it was. We keep it simple. We keep it stunning. We keep it truly timeless. 

Magazine-Style Portrait Session: Casey3
Magazine-Style Portrait Session: Casey2
Magazine-Style Portrait Session: Casey4