Preparing for Your Portrait Shoot, Part 1: Hair

Every client who books a session with us gets a magazine-look Style Guide to preparing for their photoshoot. To make the information accessible to everyone (who doesn't like knowing how to look their best?),  we will be featuring this guide on our blog in a four-part series. If you would like to receive the whole Style Guide for free, sign up for our newsletter (in the right sidebar) and you will be emailed a copy as a gift! 

Below are some of our favorite tips to looking amazing in your photos. Feel free to follow - or skip - any and all that apply to you! 


As soon as you confirm the date of your photoshoot, book an appointment with your hairstylist. The best time to get your roots touched up is about a week before your shoot; three days, if you hightlight your hair. Beautiful hair is one of the most important parts of your photos and while our stylist will make wonders with it, there is not much we can do if you have three inches of regrowth. Plus, you will feel much better! If you normally color your hair yourself, follow your usual routine a few days before your shoot. 


While we understand the desire to change things up every once in a while, now is not the time for a drastic change! If you are planning on making a major change with your hair (such as going from blonde highlights to fiery red or chopping off more than a few inches), do it at least a few weeks to up to two months before your shoot. You want to feel like yourself in your photos, and two weeks might not be enough time for you hairstylist to tone back a color you are not so fond of after all. 


Regardless of whether you color your hair or not, get a good trim! Not only will you lose those unsightly dead ends, 
particularly shorter haircuts look great after a shapeup! If you are thinking about wearing your hair straight (if you have a short bob, for example) you should defi- nitely get a fresh cut the week before your appointment. 


Thoroughly wash (two rounds of shampoo) and lightly condition your hair the night before. Let it airdry without any product unless you have bangs or a particularly difficut hair pattern (whorl or cowlick) in the bang area. In those circumstances, blowdry your hair the way you normally would. Our stylist will either curl your hair or wet your hair for a blowdry. If your hair is fairly short (chin-length or shorter), you can wash your hair the morning of your photoshoot and come with damp hair for a blowdry. 


Before you arrive at your photoshoot, spend some time looking at our website and thinking about how you’d like to wear your hair. Our most popular style is definitely curls - both tighter, more glamourous curls, and beachy, relaxed ones - but our stylist can also straighten your hair, give you a bouncy blowdry, a vintage style, or an updo! For a less traditional style (such as fingerwaves or an elaborate updo), let us know ahead of time so we can leave more time for styling and assure that we have all the styling supplies needed. We want you to be absolutely, head-over-heels in love with your hair!