Preparing for Your Portrait Shoot, Part 2: Face

Every client who books a session with us gets a magazine-look Style Guide to preparing for their photoshoot. To make the information accessible to everyone (who doesn't like knowing how to look their best?),  we will be featuring this guide on our blog in a four-part series. If you would like to receive the whole Style Guide for free, sign up for our newsletter (in the right sidebar) and you will be emailed a copy as a gift! 

Below are some of our favorite tips to looking amazing in your photos. Feel free to follow - or skip - any and all that apply to you! 



Whether you go to a salon or follow an at-home beauty routine, get a facial about a week before your photoshoot. If you have sensitive skin, do not try any aggressive treatments and stick to what you already know. Even after a salon facial, you can still do a mini refresh about two days before the shoot. Stick to a tried exfoliator and mask, you can even do a simple facial massage (YouTube has some great videos on this topic). 


Try to stick to a simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating (no more than twice a week), and moisturizing every day. Nothing looks better than clean, moisturized skin, and your foundation will go on much smoother if you get rid of dead skin cells and replenish moisture often. 


If you can, stay away from greasy foods, foods high in simple carbohydrates, and foods with lots of sugar or salt three days before your photoshoot. Not only will you kick the bloat, your skin will love you! Lots of vitamins and water will give your skin a natural glow. (Do not skip a good breakfast and coffee - if you drink it - the morning of your photoshoot. You will need lots of energy and a caffeine withdrawal headache is not your friend). 


You can do an at-home whitening treatment to give your smile a little extra help. Coffee and tea, red wine, and cigarettes are some of the biggest offenders so if you do whiten your teeth, keep them in tip top shape by avoiding these before your shoot. You can also bring a toothbrush to our studio and freshen up before we start shooting if you like to keep your breath fresh (or wear braces). 


About a week before if you wax, or about three days if you tweeze, get your eyebrows shaped. Just as with getting a new haircut, try to avoid any major changes to your brow style. Do touch them up the night before the shoot (never the morning of, as you might get some redness from tweezing). 


If you have been blessed with sensitive skin or if you suffer from allergies to cosmetics, be gentle when getting any treatments done. You are also welcome to bring your own makeup to our studio if you are worried about an allergic reaction. While our artists keep all their tools and products clean and many makeup items are hypoallergenic, not all makeup is suited for hyper-sensitive skin. Please do let us know of any allergies, special needs, or requests before getting styled. Our artists are trained to ask you about your makeup preferences but feel free to speak up before, during, and after your makup application!